About Me

Alrighty then… Hello all 🙂

Since I am a blog-writing virgin (glad to know I’m still a virgin about *something* lol) I wish to welcome you to my brand spankin’ new blog, I shall share a little bit about ME 🙂

My name is Laura, I am a 30-something who is from Somewhere in Wisconsin, USA. I live with my (2nd) husband-to-be (getting married on 16October09!!!) and our 4 cats (Daisy, Salty, Gabby and Ozzy.) I work as a hairstylist.

Yeah, that's me... sorry...

Yeah, that's me... sorry...

What are you going to see on this blog? Well, hopefully a little bit of everything, but I am a Twilight and a Robert Pattinson junkie (and not necessarily in that order!) so I’m just giving you a forewarning! 😉

My 3rd husband ;) ... I am DED ... *THUD*

My 3rd husband 😉 ... I am DED ... *THUD*

What else? Hmm probably just some general (hopefully) amusing musings about life in general. I’m told I’m quite witty and I hope I dazzle you with my overabundance of sass 😛

What else?? Well you will just have to stick with me and see where my brain cells take me and YOU 😀

Thanks and I look forward to your equally witty commentary 🙂

❤ your faces!

Laura 🙂


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