I love my job, but…

OK, it’s time for another b*tch session, lol…

*gets on top of soap box*

(click below to read on…)

OK, so as you know, I work as a hairstylist. The salon I work at takes walk-ins, mainly. We only take actual appointment times for perms, colors, tanning, special occasion styles… yeah I think that’s it…
so the rest is on a walk-in basis.

On Friday morning, I took the next person waiting on the list for a haircut. We’ll call her Jane, cuz if you read my last work-related rant, you know I protect the smart-until-proven-stupid by anonymity πŸ˜›

Here’s how it went…

Jane: *sitting waiting, talking on her cell phone*
Me: “Jane, if you’re ready I can take you back now!”

(side note, this was 11:45 am)

Jane walks back, still talking on the phone, one of our style books en tow…
Before sitting in my chair, Jane does take a minute and shows me the picture she found of how she would like her hair cut. I grab the book and study the picture as she sits down in my chair, still carrying on her important phone conversation.

I stood and waited for like, 30 seconds to a minute for JaneΒ  to finish up her phone call, holding onto my cutting cape.

Jane: *still talking on phone takes a break to tell me…*
“Um, you can put that on me!” (referring to the cape)

Me: “Well, I can’t really cut your hair while you are talking on the phone…”

So I figured that MAYBE that would be an indication that she should end her phone conversation so I could cut her hair. Hmm, maybe I expected too much from Ms. Jane… because she proceeded to continue her phone conversation for another SIX minutes… I kid you NOT!

I stood there for SEVEN minutes total, waiting for her to get her butt off of her phone, and she finally, at 11:52 am, says…

Jane: “Um, You can take the next person if you want, I have to go, I have to work at NOON.”


And she walked out, saying that she would have to come back tomorrow, to which I thought, “good, cuz I’m off tomorrow and won’t have to deal with your stupid ass!” lol…

Which brings me to the point of this whole thing… common sense, people!!

I wonder who she was talking to, must have been someone pretty fucking important to keep me waiting for almost 10 minutes with her bullshit, not to mention the time wasted out of her OWN day…

No brains, no headaches I guess… wow…

So our lesson for today? PLEASE turn your phone off when you are coming in to get your hair cut. This is why they make voicemail, people!!! If it’s that important, they will leave you a message and you can call them back!!!

Seriously… *shakes head*….

*gets down off of soap box*

On a lighter note, the lady I gave a hair cut (and I flat-ironed her hair after too) after Jane was so happy with me she asked for my card, AND she didn’t talk on her phone the entire time (she said hers was OFF… AMEN!!!)


As she got up to leave, I noticed what was on her bag…



So I said to her, “You mean we *could* have been talking about Twilight this WHOLE time and we weren’t???” LOL πŸ™‚

She promised me that next time we would…

See you in 6 to 8 weeks, Twilight lady πŸ˜€


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5 Responses to “I love my job, but…”

  1. docp226 Says:

    Really enjoying your stories….and your attitude πŸ™‚

  2. sasloon Says:

    Shoulda cut her hair anyway, cutting around the hand-attached-to-ear bit…tell everyone it’s the latest style and start a trend. The Mobile Phone Mullet. πŸ˜›

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