Hello world!

Alrighty then… Hello all :)

Since this is my first post on my brand spankin’ new blog, I shall share a little bit about ME :)

My name is Laura, I am a 30-something who is from Somewhere in Wisconsin, USA. I live with my husband-to-be (getting married on 16October09!!!) and our 4 cats (Daisy, Salty, Gabby and Ozzy.) I work as a hairstylist.

What are you going to see on this blog? Well, hopefully a little bit of everything, but I am a Twilight and a Robert Pattinson junkie (and not necessarily in that order!) so I’m just giving you a forewarning! ;)

What else? Hmm probably just some general (hopefully) amusing musings about life in general. I’m told I’m quite witty and I hope I dazzle you with my overabundance of sass :P

What else?? Well you will just have to stick with me and see where my brain cells take me and YOU :D

Thanks and I look forward to your equally witty commentary :)


4 Responses to “Hello world!”


    BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, u forgot your 2 alter egos…….u c laura aka bean ambassadorette and BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL is mt breastest friend and we have alot in common..except for the fact that shes wayyy older then me….i love her she is my 1st wife and you should all be ever so privledged to even be breathing the same air as she!……..there ya go billll

    • sloopy1975 Says:

      There ya go readers, endorsement from my “breastest” friend, lol…. and I’m not waaay older than her, just about 3 months… but she seems to think I’m ancient (although I feel ancient sometimes lol) 😀

  2. sasloon Says:

    *nnnnnnnnkGGGEEEEHHHHnnnnnnnkkk* *comes in hunchbacked* Yeeeeeeeees, maaaaaaaaster…more air, please….:-)

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